A Posting on Halloweeeeen

I decided I’m going to shake things up a bit and turn this into a “real” blog. Yes, you heard me. It turns out my life is interesting and I have many deep thoughts to share with the world. I also apparently need more reasons to procrastinate. Thus far the internet, movies, cleaning, sports, school, and work don’t cut it. So here we go!

Let me begin by saying that Halloween is AMAZING. Yes, I only speak the truth. It just so happens that my household carried out the THIRD annual Halloween party of awesomeness this past weekend. In so doing we brought cheer, fireworks, and a copious amount of wine together… thus making it a success.

Wine, Fireworks, and Cheer!

I would also like to add that these parties have traditionally required some form of entertainment (usually me accompanied by a guitar or dancer). Upon roaming around my computer I found last year’s song and thought I would post it along with a new Ninja Kitties illustration. The song is called “Halloween Smells of Social Injustice.”

And now for the comic! Which essentially sums up the neighbourhood I live in. Think of it as a place generally consisting of younger wealthy working professionals. It’s a great place to live, but sometimes people can seem a bit comical…


About Ninja Kitties

I am as deep as an ocean...
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2 Responses to A Posting on Halloweeeeen

  1. oh krista... says:

    venons vegan douche restaurant. classic!

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