I live with a blind Icelandic frog

This is how the story begins. Two years ago I began to realize that there was a clear void in my life. I had always had pets growing up and after one million years of being a poor student with barely the means to sustain myself let alone a pet, I decided (on a whim) that I wanted a fish! So I rushed to the store and bought one of these:

It was a Japanese Fighting Fish named Fishy-Sama. Now, Fishy-Sama was cool and all, but after a month or so I began to have dreams of grandeur. I wanted MORE FISH!!!!!! One wasn’t cutting it. So I went on craigslist and decided to buy the first fish tank I saw. It was beautiful. What it comes down to is that having fish as a pets is like having A.D.D and seeing a puppy or something shiny- fish are entrancing and one can be mesmerized while staring at all the pretty swimming colours

This is where my blind Icelandic* Frog comes in. Turns out he came with the tank. Took a while for me to figure out what I had gotten myself into as I had apparently been given one of the most incompetent animals on the face of the earth. Feeding it involves using a straw and looks something like this….

*You may ask yourself “how can this Frog be Icelandic?” Well, the answer is … because I said so.

So not only do you have to feed him with a straw, but you basically have to send hundreds of pellets into the tank in order for him to catch one. Regardless… he may be a bit defective, but I still love him. How could one not love an Icelandic frog?

And just as an FYI- I had to give Fishy-Sama away because it turned out he enjoyed going on murderous rampages and killing all the other fish in the tank. The End.


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6 Responses to I live with a blind Icelandic frog

  1. oh krista... says:


  2. underwhelmer says:

    “Japanese Murder Fish” would be a more accurate name. They’ll attack their own reflection for hours on end… very entertaining by the way.

    • Agreed. Not going to lie, I couldn’t help putting a mirror up to the tank on multiple occasions to see their reaction. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Now I’m worrying about power outages….

  4. Patrick says:

    So the frog can’t find food without you?

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