The meat I eat

Seeing as it is now fall, hunting season has clearly been on the minds of those living in my household. In fact, a new freezer was purchased this summer in preparation for the anticipated onslaught of meat. I myself do not hunt- although I do kick ASS at picking berries. I like to think of myself as more the gatherer type (even then I do not so much “gather,” as stuff my face with berries and leave the bucket empty).

No matter my personal preference concerning hunting and gathering, I would like to stress that I do appreciate the boundless amount of complimentary meat that fills my freezers. On the other hand, I do have my objections about the whole situation. While my outlook on meat doesn’t go unnoticed, I thought I would provide a clear visual illustration of my views.

1. Boar- Who took their shoes off at the table?

We have actually been eating boar for a few months now, and although I digest the food like normal, there is something unusual about the whole thing. Not going to lie, the taste of boar reminds me of an old man’s stinky feet. Not fatal, but slightly unrefined.

2. Deer- Hallelujah!

Deer is AWESOME!!! I almost shed tears the first time I tasted it after having been fed so much boar. It reminds me of unicorns prancing on a picturesque rainbow (please note the arrangement of colours in the rainbow are scientifically accurate)

3. Grouse- The chicken of the woods

The term “it tastes like chicken” is accurate in this case. Although a tad gamey, I don’t mind it. To the hunter of my household; keep em’ coming. And my apologies for drawing a rooster, but you get the point.

4. Duck- Rhymes with…good enough.

Duck is good, but seeing as I never grew up eating really gamey meat… it takes time to get used to it.  And by gamey I’m insinuating the taste is that of an animal without any fat. It’s like knowingly eating a well-built aerobic workout duck.


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2 Responses to The meat I eat

  1. Excellent visuals…especially the venison! (mmmm. deer burgers)

  2. Hildur says:

    Aren’t you forgetting something?!
    Ptarmigan! So deliciously delicious.

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