Boyfriend Vs. Backup Boyfriend

I had a great idea while lounging around the house all day. I decided I wanted to write a post that compared the pros and cons of living with two specific boys. One of them is known as my boyfriend, while the other has been deemed the backup boyfriend (ie- he’s obliged to hang out with me when the real boyfriend abandons me). Presently, they both posses a multitude of positive features. As you can see below, I’ve depicted them both appropriately as Ninja Kitties based on their personalities. My boyfriend would look handsome riding a llama, while the backup boyfriend would likely float well in space.

              Boyfriend   VS.   Backup Boyfriend

PRO- Willingly (and valiantly I might add)        CON– Won’t go anywhere near my laundry            does my laundry and folds it

PRO– Gives me money to do laundry                  PRO- Gives me money to do  laundry

CON– Sometimes listens to Barry Manilow         PRO– Has never been  caught  listening                                                                                                  to Barry Manilow

PRO– Fills up the freezer with deer meat            CON– Eats a share of MY deer meat.

PRO- Can’t say no to my beauty                           CON- Has never called me beautiful

CON– Leaves stinky fish in the freezer.                PRO- Doesn’t know it yet, but will be                                                                                                     joining me on a crusade to get the                                                                                                    stinky fish out of the freezer


About Ninja Kitties

I am as deep as an ocean...
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