These are a few of my favourite things

There are many things in life that I love, but for some inexplicable reason I feel there are a few key innovations/inventions that don’t get the attention they deserve. In fact, I’ve heard people criticize these things as they are generally some passing fad, or somehow worthless in the eyes of others. But today I’m going to take a stand and defend 4 of my favorite (at times underrated) items.

1. The Lamination Machine- Fold it, heat it, love it

On occasion I have appropriated the lamination machine at work for my own pursuits. It has become an essential pastime used mainly to add the necessary “flare” to any party. Think about it, one can laminate paper, diplomas, posters, coasters, checks, doilies… etc. Laminating is an addictive hobby that I recommend.

2. The Cheese Stick- Yum-num-num-num

Alright, so normally people  don’t have issues with  pure refined carbohydrated goodness with the addition of cheese. But I wanted to make my love known… and draw a cheesetick man. 

3. Shoulder Pads- The chic that speaks

I will begin by agreeing that, yes; the shoulder pad may have been overdone in the 80s and early 90s, but cut this divine piece of fabric some respect. Shoulder pads are one article of clothing that keep on giving. Not only are they “hip” and stylish in Europe (anything European is clearly fashionable), but they add a certain structure to one’s figure that is undeniably … distinguished. If you want to be seen, bump up those shoulders and walk out into that World along with the resulting confidence.

  1. The Toyota Echo- Let’s all drive peanut cars!

I drove one of these around for a few years as a teenager. Whenever I broach the subject with friends, I notice there is usually a mocking tone among those I converse with. After a time, I stopped telling people about this awesome ride as I gradually became self conscious. But then in my early 20s my self-assurance EXPLODED!!

YEAH, I like echos!!!! They are compact, quaint, loveable, and above all … better than whatever you drive! Unless of course you drive a nice medium sized car that is comfortable and good on gas, then I might think of your car as superior.


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One Response to These are a few of my favourite things

  1. Was not aware ‘silverfish’ existed until today, scariest bug I’ve ever seen but apparently they’re everywhere?! Wah 😦

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