When your back has got you down

This is pretty much how I feel at the moment:Why would I be laying awkwardly on the floor you might ask? Well, it just so happens that my back and ribs became misaligned the other day and a whole bunch of muscles got pissed off. Its been six days now and counting since my back fell into chaos and confusion due to something I did (and I still haven’t quite figured out what I did to warrant this pain and anguish). So now I lie all over the apartment pitying my situation and make people do things for me. What is interesting is the fact my condition has also resulted in a new perspective on where I live. For example, I keep seeing things… scary things. Pretty sure I met a dust bunny under the couch that looked like this:Regardless of having to hang out with dust bunnies, I do realize the benefits that may arise from hurting your back. For example, it’s a GREAT excuse to get a massage! The other day I called a friend (who can only be likened to a magical German physio fairy) and she willingly traded her time and physio powers for a few bucks and two free movie tickets.So in the end, this post is actually about hope and recovery (especially when you have a magical physio fairy willing to fix you for a trip to the movies). The moral I want to relay today is that life is short, and your back might hurt sometimes, but remember that eating chocolate will absolutely relieve any unwanted pain. I promise (as I stuff more chocolate in my mouth).


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One Response to When your back has got you down

  1. AriRambles says:

    Good one. I hope your back heals up soon…

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