Ninja Kitty Villains

It seems that I’ve experienced a lot of anger toward MS Paint over the years. Sometimes things don’t end up like I want… which results in me blaming Paint (as the issues are clearly not related to my artistic skills). Anyways, I suddenly felt like showing the world that I have REAL skill. For this reason, I am revealing a series of MS Paint Ninja Kitty Villains as a way of exhibiting the range of my Paint expertise. If Ninja Kitties are good, these guys are straight up bad.

Please note: I’ve had a bad back for the past week, and may have had too much time on my hands.

Patchy, the evil Chihuahua

Stapler, the staple-tooth

Amoeba, the one celled life form

Mr. Buttons, the rope sligin’ sheriff

Radar Gun Man

Peaky, the sassy peacock

Stick-man, cuz he’s a straight up stick 


About Ninja Kitties

I am as deep as an ocean...
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