Why Silverfish are TERRIFYING

To those who haven’t encountered a silverfish, they look something like the picture below.

Actually, I change my mind, the one above looks too cute. They look more like this…

I’ve decided the silverfish is definitely a cross between a centipede and cockroach. Now, in Canada we may not have killer spiders, centipedes, or snakes, but the silverfish is an unpleasant insect that is capable of invading your nightmares (and lives in bathrooms). Sure, all it may do is hang out and run away when it sees you coming… but LOOK at the destruction they caused to this poor unsuspecting book (that Wikipedia tells me was attacked by these immoral insects). What did the book ever do to them?

At any rate, I got myself in a bit of a pickle last time I came across one. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was happily brushing my teeth, when suddenly I turned around and BAAM!!!!!! The biggest silverfish EVER was resting peacefully by the sink. In a moment marked by fear, I was forced to do what my internal instincts told me to do; I grabbed a stick, put a strainer on my head, put up defensive pillows then confronted the bathroom intruder… by placing a bowl on top of it.

After celebrating my victory, I quickly realized a major problem with the valiant act of putting a bowl on a silverfish…I did not know what to do with it once it had been ensnared. Do you pick up the bowl and potentially let it attack you? Do you leave it there for your mom to find? Do you kill it? I had hundreds of questions racing through my mind as I tried to resolve the best method of winning the battle. Then, after minutes of insecurity I determined the best strategy.

And that’s how I dealt with the Silverfish. The end.


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12 Responses to Why Silverfish are TERRIFYING

  1. Oh I hate silverfish!!! I live in the southern US an we get them also. I know that it is irrational. I know that the silverfish cannot hurt me but I cannot control my reaction to them. I like your method of dealing with them:) I have a similar method. I have two cats, once of which likes to eat them like little treats. Yea, it’s nasty to watch but it beats me having to get the little terrorists.

  2. Alexandra says:

    They do look scary but I respect them because they live up to 8 years old :D.

    Sometimes I see them on the walls sitting and thinking, I tend to think they are pondering over the meaning of life or trying to create an eternal source of energy. I believe they used to sit closer to the floor before we moved into this flat. Then my cat noticed them thinking and the ugly philosophers had to climb higher. Now they think closer to the ceiling.

    I don’t kill them. In fact, they are so nervous that if they understand you saw them they start being hysterical, run around and move their antennae as if saying “don’t kill me! don’t kill me I’m too young ( only three years old) to die!”

    My husband once wanted to kill one which was really big but we then thought he probably was a senior if he was so big and one is supposed to respect seniors, so we let him live.

  3. Wow that is amazing! I had no idea that they live so long. They come in and out of season here. We’ll have a house full of them and then none. Someone needs to pass along to the newbies that there is a little silverfish murderer lurking in our house. The funny thing is if the cat does not get them (or any bug for that matter), my husband actually captures and releases them into the wild. I am quite serious. He is so cute. I think I’ll keep him:)

    • Alexandra says:

      Haha :)) That’s funny:)
      Well, we do just the same, although they don’t need the wild. They can live inside walls, all they need is an access to water and something sweet 🙂 They are also relatives of trilobites, those first bugs which were among the first ones on the planet to look like bugs at all.
      BTW I also don’t allow my cat to eat them, I freak out at the idea 😀

      I forgot to tell it to the author the first time I saw the post – the drawing is amazing. I knew what creatures the post was going to be about straight away 🙂

      • Amazing. Thanks for this, you really do learn something everyday. I will try not to run away so frightfully next time… no promises though.

      • Awesome info! I will do my best to get a hold of myself when they return. I will also do my best to stop my little assassin.

  4. Dad says:

    Yah, I tend to see them in the middle of the night when i,m sitting on the toilet . They like to roam or mosey about .

  5. Sandia says:

    I can’t get rid of them – lurking in my bathrooms, frightening my poor wee children! They scream for Mummi, by the way!

  6. redwheelbarrow1957 says:

    In Michigan there are no silverfish. There are wild turkey. I have never seen one in my bathroom.

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