My retort to ALL justifications for not getting a dog

I want to get a dog. In fact, the specific dog I want is called a Brittany. They are pretty, lively, and loveable. Why shouldn’t I? I grew up with dogs, know how to feed them, AND am willing to take them for walks. Pretty sure I would make the perfect dog person. But no matter my enthusiasm about getting a dog, there are a rational few that keep advising me on the subject. Here are my replies to all of their logical reasons for not getting a dog.

1. Dogs are like children, they tie you down

Reply: Stop comparing dogs to children! No, I refuse to believe they are like children. For one, you can’t leave children in kennels for exorbitant prices a few weeks at a time. Not saying I necessarily want to do this to a dog, but at least the option is there.

Also, children are intense. Have you ever babysat? It can be terrifying trying to rationalize with a small person all the while praying the night goes smoothly but usually ends with them doing everything you told them not to do. Dog sitting is way easier. Feed them, walk them, pet them (maybe clean up after them). DONE.

 For example, the following excuse works for having a child, but not so much with a dog.


2. Dogs require a lot of exercise

Reply: GREAT! More motivation to get out and get some fresh air.

3. Dogs are expensive

Reply: You’re expensive!! Booya! Can’t argue with this logic.

So what is the moral of this Ninja Kitty??? I’m getting a dog and NOBODY can stop me!! It might not happen today, and maybe not tomorrow, but one day it’s gonna happen.


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6 Responses to My retort to ALL justifications for not getting a dog

  1. Anonymous says:

    ya kitte go !

  2. redwheelbarrow1957 says:

    Ninja Kitty
    Live by yourself?
    If not, good luck.
    I love dogs, but they make it hard to travel and that would be difficult for the active Nina Kitty.
    What would the Dutch think?

  3. redwheelbarrow1957 says:

    So if the others you are living with are your parents. Remember they already have something fluffy and vulnerable that they are taking care of. You! I think the Dutch would approve, they are like that.
    They drink alot of beer and do alot of bike riding.

    • Actually, I think the parents are on board because I don’t live with them 🙂 Although I’m sure they still consider me to be fluffy and vulnerable. I have a boyfriend and another roommate. Both of which luckily like dogs!

  4. redwheelbarrow1957 says:

    Go for it!

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