Down with instrumental discrimination!

I learned a new lesson on the weekend.  The lesson boils down to the fact the ukulele ROCKS (and that I’m spellbound by the instrument). Having generally  classed the ukulele as a tiny annoying instrument, I never realized its potential. It’s portable, cheerful, and uncomplicated. The promise really is endless with this thing.This new realization has also made me wonder… what if there are other instruments I’ve incorrectly classified as annoying? I’m beginning to think I should give them a chance as well.  Who knows, maybe they’ll provide me with the same joy as bestowed by the ukulele.  I know my roommates would LOVE the idea of having more instrumental toys for me to play with around the house.

The following are a few instruments I think I’m ready to learn to love.

The Recorder- I never had to play the recorder growing up, but hearing it being played at school brought shivers down my spine. I think I’m ready to give it the benefit of the doubt… although I remain apprehensive.

The Pan Flute- Although melodic, this instrument remains anomalous in my mind with  hippies, Greek Gods, or nymphs. I think my disregard for playing this instrument mainly stems from the fact it is REALLY hard. If I can’t pick something up within the first 10 minutes I tend to turn frustration into indifference. Pretty sure that is what happened with the pan flute. It may be time to amend old grudges and take up the Elven instrument.

Glockenspiel- I don’t actually have anything against the Glockenspiel. Its just never been an instrument I thought to play. If I take up playing the glockenspiel (which has the best name ever), I will definitely make a point to only play punk music. I imagine it would be good for taking out one’s anger.


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