So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

I just wanted to mention that this will be my last installment of Ninja Kitties for a period of time. Not only is it the holidays and life is suddenly overloaded with billions of obligations to friends and family as well as filled with every kind of chocolate imaginable, but I will be venturing into the big wide world outside of Canada, and I have to put MS Paint away for a bit.The trip I am taking is well deserved and includes such countries as Australia (if you haven’t seen the comic I did on Australia this should give you a clue as to my thoughts on the country ).  And yes, I may show up to Australia wrapped in plastic wrap as shielding against their gigantoid bugs, but I won’t let my trepidation of their flora and fauna detract from the fact I will be unemployed and on VACAY-TION!  The only part of the trip I am UNenthusiastic about is the flying. Which by the way is an unnatural form of transport my body simply protests against. I always have to trick myself into comfort by getting drunk or taking sleeping pills… which then leads to an indecent scene of sleeping with my mouth open and episodes where I am startled awake when my head habitually slumps over and collapses to one side (which also leads to a feeling akin to whiplash).

So to those who have read my ramblings over the past few months, thank you and Happy Holidays! May your days be filled with garlic, deer meat, and ukuleles!


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I am as deep as an ocean...
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One Response to So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

  1. Bryndís says:

    Góða ferð 🙂 Merry christmas my dear!

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