Friends Fur-ever

Although I’ve officially returned from a lovely 3 month vacation around the Pacific, today I would rather revisit a subject I had covered in a previous Ninja Kitties. I would like to write about dogs (or specifically one dog), as I now have the good fortune of living with a dog! Even if the dog does not belong to me strictly speaking, he belongs to my roommate and I am predisposed to pretending he’s mine whenever I can. I have dubbed myself the dog sitter, and every day I am slowly learning about his habits and behaviours.  For instance, when I try telling Dexter to ‘sit’, I have on occasion gotten this reaction.

This dog really is something else. And although his name is Dexter, I’ve come to realize his likeness to a character from an old Jim Henson movie called The Dark Crystal. The character’s name is Fizgig, and I’m not going to lie, Dexter and Fizgig are related. I have clearly indicated in the picture below which one is which as it may not be obvious.

In addition to the various quirks displayed by this beautiful gentleman of a dog, I must admit that reactions as given by passing pedestrians can be somewhat terrifying as well. Yes, Dexter is a cute Fizgig dog, but there’s no need to act like excessively mindless dog lovers. I never thought people acted this way until I started taking Dexter on walks.

Please also note that the above demonstration of taking Dexter on a walk isn’t 100% accurate. In reality, he would be jumping all over the stranger as he is fond of gaining affection by “love tackling” unfamiliar person(s). This involves licking and leaping at people in one fell swoop.

Feels good to be back! Cheers for now.




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3 Responses to Friends Fur-ever

  1. Gudni says:

    Dexter is so cute…

  2. What a cutie wooty pooky wooky icky poo

  3. Farol Hilge says:

    love having you and your perspective back! The similarity to the movie creature is uncanny

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