Fighting the good fight

 Has the following situation ever happened to you???



The correct answer to this question is YES (that is if you’ve ever lived in North America). I am officially rallying Ninja Kitties against junk mail. I figure everyone must take part in a movement at some point in their life, and today I’m directing all my fury against this dreaded pile of mail that takes up the majority of my tiny mailbox each day. Even with my “please no junk mail” sign, the crap has been exponentially increasing. From vouchers for cheap chicken, political party memberships, and Walmart discounts, I’ve seen it all. It is for this reason I have recently put up the following sign on the mailbox.



If this sign doesn’t work I might soon be out of options. My rommate suggested I might try putting up the following sign if the polite pickle junk mail message is not effective.

Upon reflecting, however, I realized this message would probably suggest that we actually have a dog living in an apartment where dogs strictly speaking, aren’t allowed. It is for this reason I will likely be inclined to modify the sign. If the modified message doesn’t scare the mail man into stopping with the junk mail, I just don’t know what will.

So if you feel the same way as I… rise up my friends!! Let us all raise our signs and force the mail man to think twice before cramming unnecessary dead trees with writing on it into the mail boxes of the world!! Remember that junk mail is the spam mail of the physical world. Down with promotional junk! Down with promotional junk!




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