Ninja Kitties hit up Germany

I will be the first to admit that I’ve been lame the past few weeks as I haven’t bothered with any new posts. Although lame might not be the best word, I’ve definitely been busy. In fact, I managed to make my way to Europe for a few weeks and do a quick tour around with my brother. Throughout the journey we were fortunate enough to see some of Scandinavia as well as Germany. Based on my travels I must admit the following:

In other words, Germany is a hoot and a half! Having spent the majority of time in Bavaria, we had an AMAZING time. I’m not just saying this because there was tons of cheap beer…I mean it! For instance, we witnessed a dirndl and lederhosen fashion show (I kid you not). It combined an appropriate amount of hipster lederhosen wear (as seen below), as well as the raking of hay on a walkway. It definitely opened my mind to the world of European mountain wear.

But rather than focusing on the many great experiences that happened while we were there, I would rather concentrate on what I learnt this time around. There were two key discoveries during our time there. I took careful note so that I would be able to relay all the necessary details on Ninja Kitties. For instance, I learnt how to hike in excessively touristy areas in the Alps . Please allow me to relay the necessary steps to hiking in these regions.

Step 1- Get yourself to the foot of some mountains (the ones with mountain goats in the background).

Step 2- Buy $200 hiking boots.

Step 3- Hike your socks up to your knees and purchase hiking poles.

Step 4- Pack as much as possible (preferably your life belongings) into a hiking bag and  find a bus to take you to the top of a mountain.

Step 5- Be squished for an extended period by German tourists on a potentially life threatening bus ride up a windy road (do not expect air-conditioning).

Step 6- Arrive at destination, take a few pictures and promptly go home.

And that’s my hiking advice in a nutshell! After having had a day up in the Alps, my brother and I were then keen to go out for dinner. With many beers and wurst under my belt, I decided it was time to sample some German vegetarian dishes (ideally something light that wouldn’t fill every inch of my being).  It’s at this point I learnt the second key thing about Germany: there’s no such thing as light food.

What I expected when I ordered vegetarian food

What I got when I ordered vegetarian food

That’s what Germany taught me! Auf Wiedersehen for now 🙂


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