Lessons on how to learn Icelandic

  1. Go to a bookstore and buy a book called Fyrstu 1000 Orðin  (My first thousand words). It is a bright and colourful book that can be found in the section commonly reserved for children.  Pictures are drawn above the words for easy identification and understanding of each word.
  2. Learn the basics such as ‘hi’ ‘bye’ ‘my name is’ …etc
  3. Remember to smile and be positive. It’s not every day one decides to learn Icelandic!
  4. Realize that the book Fyrstu 1000 Orðin is over your head, and begin to wish you could downgrade to the book Fyrstu 250 Orðin.  This book at least came with stickers which could have been more motivational for the learning process.
  5. NEVER leave the book laying around for little Icelandic children who  still poop their pants. They can probably read the book and this WILL make you jealous.
  6. Begin to realize that Icelanders made their language difficult because they wanted to maintain a top-secret and impenetrable language for reasons they will not relay to the rest of the world.
  7. Remember that it only took you 14 years to learn French, which means it should only take you 100,000 years to learn Icelandic
  8. Start to panic
  9. Leave Fyrstu 1000 Orðin in a dark corner and pretend you never started to learn Icelandic.
  10. Next time… start with the stickers.

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One Response to Lessons on how to learn Icelandic

  1. dad says:

    Funny Krista.

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