Continuing Coverage On Iceland

Iceland is a country that seems to get a good share of both fame and flack. Fame for its unique landscape and people, and flack for its volcanoes and banking techniques. No matter what people say, I’m here to set things straight. To any haters our there- you guys are bullies and are just jealous. Everyone else, pay attention because I’m going to tell it like it REALLY is from a foreigner’s perspective.

To begin with, its true! Iceland IS NOT as it is construed in tourism commercials or brochures.  Just because Greenland is icy, and Iceland is green(er)… Iceland is still fairly icy and cold. Normally when I watch a tourism video on Iceland I see blue sky, geothermal pools, sunshine, lava, and the happiest people on earth. I personally think if they added elves and some happy looking sheep Iceland could be presented as a mossy paradise where the sun never sets and smiles never turn to frowns.

In reality there is indeed sun, but you are more likely to experience wind and clouds. I’ve had a few friends visit Iceland and even though I tell them to dress appropriately for the wind, they still return home saying ‘I didn’t think it would be THAT windy.’

Next is the Icelandic language. I don’t think there’s any underestimating its difficulty. I know I had mentioned one of my failed attempts to learn Icelandic in the last Ninja Kitty post, but I’ve even experienced moments when learning suddenly seems like a thing of nightmares. In fact, this is pretty much how a nightmare of mine would play out.

And finally, with the bulk of winter in Iceland being dark, windy, and cold, it appears gyms  are a popular escape. Lately I’ve been going to the gym in an effort to maintain some normalcy when it comes to a cardio regime.  The problem when I look around at everyone working out is this… Seeing them workout makes me realize that I feel like this…

So the moral of this part of the story is that the Icelanders I see going to the gym clearly like to workout, and tend to look great (their makeup doesn’t even run). Depending on one’s mood, this can either be a motivation or deterrence to working out.

And these are my views as they stand. Just relaying current coverage as it happens.


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