How to round up sheep

Let me tell you about something called Réttir. This weekend thousands of Icelanders will gather in the countryside in an effort to round up majillions of sheep. Seeing as their sheep are allowed to roam the hillsides freely during the summer, fall is the time when the farmers must find their sheep and bring them back. I am participating in this event over the weekend, and wanted to relay what I believe to be some specifics of rounding up sheep (because I am an expert).

To begin with, you have to be able to look a sheep straight in the eye. The sheep is an intelligent animal and you can’t back down when you make eye contact. Once eye contact is made, and the sheep senses no fear, just call out for the sheep all the while wearing a bright orange rain jacket. Orange is the sheep’s favourite colour and bright orange rain suits are necessary to win the sheep’s trust.

In addition to the rain suit, make sure you have a bottle of liquor around your neck wrapped in a woollen pouch. Wool is a cherished Icelandic item, and without the liquor or wool, you are not partaking in Réttir properly.

Next, you must take all the sheep you can find and bring them to the road. This will allow you to stop traffic. Remember that this is one of the only times of the year you will have a chance to stop traffic with sheep, so cherish every moment.

By this time you should have finished your woollen liquor, and you will likely begin to realize you were given a horse at the beginning of this exercise, but you are not riding one. Go find the horse.

And that is what I believe will happen at the Icelandic rounding up of sheep. I have never participated in one, but I expect it will be fun. If you are interested in knowing more about the event, here’s the youtube video I’m basing all of my expectations on:


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2 Responses to How to round up sheep

  1. This is fabaaalous. And what tips have you on how to approach your sheep herding horse?

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