Bringing the Urban Chicken Movement to Reykjavik!

A few months back I took up the cause of stopping junk mail from entering my mailbox. After placing a heated post-it note on the mailbox requesting no more junk mail, the deed was done! A form was signed and BOOM, no more junk mail. It was a major win, but there remain other causes in the world that I now must take up. Today I want to bring to your attention the fact that the city of Reykjavik doesn’t allow chickens as pets!

I know, it was as shocking to me as it probably is to you. Reykjavik needs to get with the times and allow chickens in the city. The city is currently behind the chicken trend – unlike places such as Madison, Wisconsin; Calgary, Alberta; and pretty much anywhere in Asia. After contacting some governmental guy, I learnt that I will never be allowed to have chickens as they are considered livestock, not pets (FYI-bunnies are perfectly fine)

Chickens have to look out from neighbouring cities such as Kópavogur to catch a glimpse of Reykjavik. Its heartbreaking and I say bring the urban chicken movement to REYKJAVIK! Especially those Polish chickens that the have super poofy feathered bed-head look (similar to David Bowie’s hair from the Labyrinth). I love those chickens.

So get the word out! And help me get chickens to the backyards of those wanting fresh eggs and the sheer joy of seeing cute little chicken faces every morning (no roosters though, roosters are just annoying).


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2 Responses to Bringing the Urban Chicken Movement to Reykjavik!

  1. dad says:

    Hey Krista ,it,s about time someone takes a stance on the lack of free roaming chickens in Iceland.Also another good reason for the locals to get onto the horses for a mid September chicken round up. As they do for the sheep. You go girl.

  2. Thank you dearest Father.

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