The Mega-Woof

I decided I wanted to present the following post in infomercial format 🙂 Upon reflecting about dogs and what they can bring to a home, I realized that they really do bring a lot into the mix…


Have you ever wanted to do away with useless household items? Well, have I got the deal for you! For only a bone, a scratch, a bowl of food, and a few walks a day you could have something that no home should do without! The Mega-Woof is here to stay. And here’s how it can make your life super-‘bark’-tastic.

1. You will no longer need that annoying alarm.

With the Mega-Woof you get your own personal wake-up everyone morning*

*Please note you  will likely be roused before your intended wake up time and may walk away with a few unintended scratches.

2. Vacuuming made easy

You will no longer have need for messy electrical chords and excessive noise. With the Mega-Woof satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

3. Personal security is taken care of 

Just imagine all of the times you were walking down the street listlessly and gave no notice to passer-byers. One of those passer-byers could very well have attacked you in your state of absent-mindedness. With the Mega-Woof nothing will go unnoticed as it will bark at anything that moves (unless tired). Don’t take my word for it, just read the statement below.

Anonymous- “I bought the Mega-Woof and one of the first times walking down the street there was a man in a brown winter marshmallow jacket. I would have paid him no attention had it not been for the Mega-Woof’s barking. “

The Mega-Woof will examine the average person walking down the street, and react to him/her as if they are actually seeing the following :


4. Blanket schmlanket!

Were you woken up too early and need a nap on the couch? Well, that Mega-Woof has that covered too! Acting mainly as a blanket, the Mega-Woof will lie uncomfortably on top of you any chance possible.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Góður þessi Krista!

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