Conversations About Iceland

Living in Iceland has been a much different experience than living in Canada. Although I had an idea what to expect, I still find myself baffled at times by the contrast of the two societies.  For one, Iceland is a small country, with it´s own distinct language and landscape. They are a unique people, and for this reason they realize not every foreigner knows about their ways or culture. That is why I believe I have partaken in an increased number of one on one conversations at parties intended to help familiarize me Iceland. As Canadians might talk about shooting turkeys, brands of snow blowers,  or Roll up the Rim wins (a famous Canadian coffee contest), I’ve been getting historical and cultural lessons.

Here is an amalgamated version of these educative conversations.

Icelandic Conversation

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is why every body likes Icelanders,they are my heros.

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