The 13 Naughty Icelandic Santas

Christmas in Iceland is slightly different from Christmas back in Canada. For one, Icelanders have a multitude of Santa Clauses (also referred to as Yule Lads or Jólasveinar in Icelandic). From what I have learnt, these Yule Lads are all about stealing and being mischievous. A different one appears each of the 13 days before Christmas and either leaves a potato in the shoes of naughty children or a gift for the good. 

I personally find this dysfunctional band of Yule Lads awesome. The only problem is the contradicting depiction of them as being naughty, in addition to reprimanding toward naughty children (through the use of potatoes). Come on Icelandic parents… I’m onto YOU! It’s you leaving the potatoes in your children’s shoes isn´t it? The Yule Lads would be more likely to steal the potatoes than give them out willingly. Anyway, I recommend googling ‘Yule Lads’ for further information as there’s apparently over 50 of these trouble makers (including skirt blower). The one’s below are the most popular in Iceland.

Candle-Stealer (Kertasníkir)Image

Pot-Scraper- PottaskefillImage

Doorway Sniffer- GáttaþefurImage

Window Peeper – Gluggagægir (My favourite of the creepy Icelandic Santas)Image

Meat Hook- Ketkrókur (steals meat with his hook)Image

Skyr Gobbler- Skyrgámur (skyr is the best thing EVER invented. It´s like yoghurt but better. I can relate to this guy)Image

Door Slammer-HurðaskellirImage

Sheep Coat Clod- StekkjastaurImage

Spoon Licker- Þvörusleikir (who wouldn’t want to be known for licking wooden spoons?)Image

Gully Gawk- Giljagaur (this guy is known for stealing sheep milk, not so much the sheep. But according to my illustration he wants to steal the sheep… so let him steal the sheep).Image

Bowl Licker (Askasleikir) and Stubby (Stúfur) Image

Sausage Stealer- BjúgnakrækirImage


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  1. Bryndís Odds says:

    LOL !

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