A Message To Winter

Oh Winter! How I do love thee. With thy snow that falls so elegantly, and air so refreshingly cool. I would never complain about you my favourite season… that is, until today. Winter, you ruined everything in 2012. What were you thinking??!! Where once you would snow, you rained. Where once I enjoyed going outside, I didn’t. I will be perfectly honest, I’m looking forward to summer. Winter 2012 has been marked by ice, and one can apparently only handle so much ice.

For one, I’m sick of having to clear my car of ice everyday.

Clearing car of snow

I’m also sick of having to wear the equivalent of Alpine ice mountaineering gear on walks so that I don’t slip and die whenever I go outside.

ice walking

And please stop making me have to witness the brutish act of beautiful snowmen being turned to lumps of ice.


Dear Winter, you have 2013 to turn things around. Please give me snow so I can ski and less ice so I can walk in high heels. You’re not Fall or Spring so stop acting like you have A.D.D by changing from sun, to rain, to snow, back to rain every five minutes. You’re better than that. In other words… stop being an asshole!


Ninja Kitties


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One Response to A Message To Winter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Krista you made my day. Ken

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