From Couch Potato to Activity Seeker!

Have you ever woken up, realized you didn’t feel well and decided to stay in bed and watch television all day? Then, the next day comes, and this temperament continues. Finally one month elapses and you realize you’ve hardly done anything for the past month and need to get off of your ass… Well, this exact circumstance has been happening to me. Albeit I’ve been quite sick and there was Christmas holidays to account for, but I’ve still been part of some excessive lounging.

That is why today, almost one month after this all began, I’m getting back on the activity bandwagon as signified by this post. What is the ‘activity bandwagon’ you might ask? Well, it involves making the excessively laborious effort to seek human contact outside of work and going into the world! I implore any other couch potatoes to join me on my journey and venture into the out-of-doors. Power to the potato!

My intention for example is to re-acquaint myself with activities such as hiking.


Seeing the sun. Unless of course it’s covered by clouds, which in Iceland is likely. In that case I will just have to reminisce over pictures of me basking in the sun’s glory as posted on the internet.Image

Going out and eating food other than canned goods or boiled pastaImage


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3 Responses to From Couch Potato to Activity Seeker!

  1. Emily Eastham says:

    I’m very embarrassed to admitt that I am infact doing the lazy thing. Wallowing in my hole of self pity, afer reading this i have decided to give walking around a bit a go. Thankyou!

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