The Ninja Kitty Animal Art Outlet

I would officially like to announce that the Ninja Kitty website is getting another slight makeover. After a few months without any blog entries, I am now ready to accept the fact I lost my ipad and must move on from illustrating my life using the device.

As a result, I am changing the blog to reflect my lack of ipad, but love of painting/drawing! Ninja Kitties will from this point on be known as a Ninja Kitty Animal Art Outlet!!! Let me explain this new concept.

I will paint/draw animals based on any descriptive recommendations people may have. For instance, you could write and ask the following:

“Hi Ninja Kitty, I always wanted to see a drawing of a classy monocled walrus riding a bike down a mountain.” 

This request would then probably generate an image such as this.

A monocled class act kind of Walrus

I will draw the requests I like best and then upload an unaltered photo from the original piece. You are welcome to request different styles so long as it’s not something crazy like… hyperrealism. If you do, I will likely draw you this as I can’t draw hyperrealistically.

Hyperrealistic walrus on bike

The rules are simple.

1. Your request MUST involve animals doing cool things

2. Either click ‘Send A Request’ on the menu bar or email your request to

3. I can’t guarantee how often I will post. C’est la vie


Ninja Kitty Drawing Master


About Ninja Kitties

I am as deep as an ocean...
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