The First Instalment of Requestable Art

In all honesty no one requested today’s painting, but someone did ask for ‘anything with sloths.’ I liked the idea of doing something with a sloth because I find their exact nature slightly bewildering. Here we have a monkey-like animal that sleeps more than a teenage boy and moves slower than me prior to a morning cup of coffee. Add the crazy ass claws and their ability to wrap themselves around objects with gangly tenderness and you have one oddly evolved creature.

Have I ever seen one in real life? No.                                                                                                         Do I find them adorable? I think so.                                                                                                                 Do they belong depicted on motorized vehicles? DEFINITELY!

Seeing as I have a mild infatuation with sloths riding motorized vehicles (as can be seen in my past webcomic here: ), I figured I would continue with this train of thought and paint a sloth ‘riding’ a motorcycle. I now present the first piece of requested animal art… Here is a true King of the Road.

King of the Road

King of the Road

I would love to receive more art ideas! Please do send some my way. The more elaborate… the better!


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One Response to The First Instalment of Requestable Art

  1. Anonymous says:

    He is adorable!

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