The Yoga Bear

Today’s post is an exciting one. I finally received and fulfilled the first animal art request! I’ve even decided to celebrate by drinking a DOUBLE shot of espresso. It’s going to be a wild morning…

Anyway, the request entailed the combination of yoga and a bear. After looking online it turns out that bears are actually quite flexible and seemingly good at yoga. For someone who is not very good, the bears have earned my respect. I’ve done this particular pose in the painting before, and not only is it difficult to touch both feet at the same time, it is even more difficult to maintain composure and not look like a complete idiot. To top things off, this pose is almost always guaranteed to induce flatulence… just saying πŸ™‚


Yoga Bear


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5 Responses to The Yoga Bear

  1. fashionpup says:

    Adorable.This bear looks far happier practicing yoga than i ever do!

  2. Ishaiya says:

    Gorgeous drawing, and congrats on your first animal art request! πŸ™‚

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