Where’s Today’s Robin Hood?

I’ve come to the conclusion that reading the newspaper these days is an increasingly dangerous act. Not only is the news awakening a deep inner anger, but it has also made me realize I might actually be worried about the direction our world is heading. Environmental, corporate and political greed seem to be feeding my outrage as everywhere I look there are marks of environmental degradation caused by the drive for capital (and it’s only growing).

Now, I don’t intend to get overly political here, but I feel at a loss. Where’s today’s Robin Hood? Where’s the individual that will right wrongs on behalf of those in need. As Disney has taught me, there must be a hero in the battle of good and evil. Right?? … Wrong!

Although I love the tale of Robin Hood, idling around waiting for him/her is sadly not the answer. Alas, it is likely the majority as a whole that will need to become it’s own Robin Hood.

I myself have decided to jump into environmental action in seemly dull ways such as reducing waste, and continuing my efforts to plant an urban garden (that seems only to refuse to grow).  So because I can’t answer the question “where’s today’s Robin Hood?” I decided to offer you this Ninja Kitty depiction of a Robin Hood.

Where's Robin Hood?


About Ninja Kitties

I am as deep as an ocean...
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One Response to Where’s Today’s Robin Hood?

  1. Ishaiya says:

    I feel safe now 🙂 x

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