King Cobra

I received a request to draw a King Cobra yesterday. I thought it was a good idea. I felt like getting creative with both ink and paper, so the outcome is a bit ‘jazzier’than my other drawings. In all honesty I find these snakes terrifying. It is also for this reason I decided the snake should have a crown  (he clearly looks much more charming and handsome this way).

The drawing is also followed by a poem entitle “The Slithery Snake and the Crown.”

King Cobra

‘A King I be and a king I am’
Said the Slithery Snake again and again.
‘But without a crown I am no king’
I’m just a regular snake with a mighty fine sting’

So the snake went out in hot pursuit
Looking for a golden crown of some repute
It seemed unlikely after a while
That he would find a crown of any worthwhile

‘A defeated snake is all I am”
Said the Slithery Snake again and again
But upon the wind came some musical notes
From a small blind mouse in a large trench coat

He was singing the blues and so it seemed
That he was a sad Blind Mouse with shattered dreams
‘Why are you so sad?’ Asked the Slithery Snake
‘I’m not sad,’ said the mouse ‘I’m in a great state!’

‘I may be blind, but I do see
‘All the beauty in life and the greatness of being me.’
‘Why are YOU so sad, might I ask dear snake?’
‘I do know sadness, I can hear your ache.’

The Snake took a minute, and then four
Before answering about what he had been searching for
‘A King I am and a King I be
‘I need a crown to therefore define me.’

The Blind Mouse just stared for awhile
Before breaking into a big wide open smile
‘No need for crowns, no need for stuff
No need for jewels, you have enough!’

‘If a King you be, then a King you are
Why would a silly crown define who you are?’
The Slithery Snake was ready to reply
But instead took off with a loud ‘GOODBYE!’

“A King I be and a King I am’
Said the Slithery Snake again and again
Who needs a crown when I do know
That I’m a true king, with but a crown to forgo

The moral of this story is to never pass up the opportunity to talk with a blues singing blind mouse.


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