I had an experience… it was interesting

I had an interesting experience over the weekend. One in which I will  recount as a Ninja Kitties post (after a LOOOONG break from this blog).

My experience started in the Sound of Music-esque mountain tops of Canada. I spent the weekend hiking all over a British Colombian alpine range.

There was sun, the breeze was pleasant, and we had every intention of staying the night in an old fire watch tower at the top of a mountain.

I had an experience

Upon arriving at the tower, I was able to soak in the splendor that was British Columbia. Nothing could ruin this majestic trip to the top of the world!

I had an experience

Then night hit… and the nightmare began

I went to bed on the floor of the fire tower without an inkling of what madness was about to transpire.

I had an experience

They came crawling out in the darkness. They targeted my face and exposed skin.

I had an experience

Kamikaze daddy longleg fighters assailed my inconspicuous sleepy self! I had no defense against their hair raising crawl. All I could do was slap them away, and hope they would stop. But of course they DID NOT…

I learnt something that night. Daddy longlegs (also known as Harvestmen) produce a distinct and pungent odour when threatened. So not only were there creepy crawlies marching up and down my face, but my nose was being overwhelmed with the aroma of these perplexing creatures.

In the end, I did what any sane person would do. I woke everyone up and made them set up a tent in the middle of the cabin.

In so doing, I won the fight… but not the war.


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2 Responses to I had an experience… it was interesting

  1. Anonymous says:

    What an experience! I want to know what they smelled like? Sounds like it was unpleasant.

  2. Farol Hilge says:

    Go ninja kitties ! Dandy long legs need love too !

    Sent from my iPad


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