An Emotionally Stable Singing Ostrich

Have you ever sat down at the breakfast table, taken a sip of coffee and thought “I wonder what an emotionally stable singing ostrich would look like?” If you are anything like me, I bet you have. Well, here’s your lucky day! Today’s animal related art features one such an ostrich. Although I can’t imagine it’s singing would be overly inspiring, I’m sure with the use of auto-tune it would end up sounding much better than your average mainstream pop artist.

An Emotionally Stable Singing Ostrich

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The First Instalment of Requestable Art

In all honesty no one requested today’s painting, but someone did ask for ‘anything with sloths.’ I liked the idea of doing something with a sloth because I find their exact nature slightly bewildering. Here we have a monkey-like animal that sleeps more than a teenage boy and moves slower than me prior to a morning cup of coffee. Add the crazy ass claws and their ability to wrap themselves around objects with gangly tenderness and you have one oddly evolved creature.

Have I ever seen one in real life? No.                                                                                                         Do I find them adorable? I think so.                                                                                                                 Do they belong depicted on motorized vehicles? DEFINITELY!

Seeing as I have a mild infatuation with sloths riding motorized vehicles (as can be seen in my past webcomic here: ), I figured I would continue with this train of thought and paint a sloth ‘riding’ a motorcycle. I now present the first piece of requested animal art… Here is a true King of the Road.

King of the Road

King of the Road

I would love to receive more art ideas! Please do send some my way. The more elaborate… the better!

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The Ninja Kitty Animal Art Outlet

I would officially like to announce that the Ninja Kitty website is getting another slight makeover. After a few months without any blog entries, I am now ready to accept the fact I lost my ipad and must move on from illustrating my life using the device.

As a result, I am changing the blog to reflect my lack of ipad, but love of painting/drawing! Ninja Kitties will from this point on be known as a Ninja Kitty Animal Art Outlet!!! Let me explain this new concept.

I will paint/draw animals based on any descriptive recommendations people may have. For instance, you could write and ask the following:

“Hi Ninja Kitty, I always wanted to see a drawing of a classy monocled walrus riding a bike down a mountain.” 

This request would then probably generate an image such as this.

A monocled class act kind of Walrus

I will draw the requests I like best and then upload an unaltered photo from the original piece. You are welcome to request different styles so long as it’s not something crazy like… hyperrealism. If you do, I will likely draw you this as I can’t draw hyperrealistically.

Hyperrealistic walrus on bike

The rules are simple.

1. Your request MUST involve animals doing cool things

2. Either click ‘Send A Request’ on the menu bar or email your request to

3. I can’t guarantee how often I will post. C’est la vie


Ninja Kitty Drawing Master

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From Couch Potato to Activity Seeker!

Have you ever woken up, realized you didn’t feel well and decided to stay in bed and watch television all day? Then, the next day comes, and this temperament continues. Finally one month elapses and you realize you’ve hardly done anything for the past month and need to get off of your ass… Well, this exact circumstance has been happening to me. Albeit I’ve been quite sick and there was Christmas holidays to account for, but I’ve still been part of some excessive lounging.

That is why today, almost one month after this all began, I’m getting back on the activity bandwagon as signified by this post. What is the ‘activity bandwagon’ you might ask? Well, it involves making the excessively laborious effort to seek human contact outside of work and going into the world! I implore any other couch potatoes to join me on my journey and venture into the out-of-doors. Power to the potato!

My intention for example is to re-acquaint myself with activities such as hiking.


Seeing the sun. Unless of course it’s covered by clouds, which in Iceland is likely. In that case I will just have to reminisce over pictures of me basking in the sun’s glory as posted on the internet.Image

Going out and eating food other than canned goods or boiled pastaImage

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A Message To Winter

Oh Winter! How I do love thee. With thy snow that falls so elegantly, and air so refreshingly cool. I would never complain about you my favourite season… that is, until today. Winter, you ruined everything in 2012. What were you thinking??!! Where once you would snow, you rained. Where once I enjoyed going outside, I didn’t. I will be perfectly honest, I’m looking forward to summer. Winter 2012 has been marked by ice, and one can apparently only handle so much ice.

For one, I’m sick of having to clear my car of ice everyday.

Clearing car of snow

I’m also sick of having to wear the equivalent of Alpine ice mountaineering gear on walks so that I don’t slip and die whenever I go outside.

ice walking

And please stop making me have to witness the brutish act of beautiful snowmen being turned to lumps of ice.


Dear Winter, you have 2013 to turn things around. Please give me snow so I can ski and less ice so I can walk in high heels. You’re not Fall or Spring so stop acting like you have A.D.D by changing from sun, to rain, to snow, back to rain every five minutes. You’re better than that. In other words… stop being an asshole!


Ninja Kitties

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The 13 Naughty Icelandic Santas

Christmas in Iceland is slightly different from Christmas back in Canada. For one, Icelanders have a multitude of Santa Clauses (also referred to as Yule Lads or Jólasveinar in Icelandic). From what I have learnt, these Yule Lads are all about stealing and being mischievous. A different one appears each of the 13 days before Christmas and either leaves a potato in the shoes of naughty children or a gift for the good. 

I personally find this dysfunctional band of Yule Lads awesome. The only problem is the contradicting depiction of them as being naughty, in addition to reprimanding toward naughty children (through the use of potatoes). Come on Icelandic parents… I’m onto YOU! It’s you leaving the potatoes in your children’s shoes isn´t it? The Yule Lads would be more likely to steal the potatoes than give them out willingly. Anyway, I recommend googling ‘Yule Lads’ for further information as there’s apparently over 50 of these trouble makers (including skirt blower). The one’s below are the most popular in Iceland.

Candle-Stealer (Kertasníkir)Image

Pot-Scraper- PottaskefillImage

Doorway Sniffer- GáttaþefurImage

Window Peeper – Gluggagægir (My favourite of the creepy Icelandic Santas)Image

Meat Hook- Ketkrókur (steals meat with his hook)Image

Skyr Gobbler- Skyrgámur (skyr is the best thing EVER invented. It´s like yoghurt but better. I can relate to this guy)Image

Door Slammer-HurðaskellirImage

Sheep Coat Clod- StekkjastaurImage

Spoon Licker- Þvörusleikir (who wouldn’t want to be known for licking wooden spoons?)Image

Gully Gawk- Giljagaur (this guy is known for stealing sheep milk, not so much the sheep. But according to my illustration he wants to steal the sheep… so let him steal the sheep).Image

Bowl Licker (Askasleikir) and Stubby (Stúfur) Image

Sausage Stealer- BjúgnakrækirImage

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Conversations About Iceland

Living in Iceland has been a much different experience than living in Canada. Although I had an idea what to expect, I still find myself baffled at times by the contrast of the two societies.  For one, Iceland is a small country, with it´s own distinct language and landscape. They are a unique people, and for this reason they realize not every foreigner knows about their ways or culture. That is why I believe I have partaken in an increased number of one on one conversations at parties intended to help familiarize me Iceland. As Canadians might talk about shooting turkeys, brands of snow blowers,  or Roll up the Rim wins (a famous Canadian coffee contest), I’ve been getting historical and cultural lessons.

Here is an amalgamated version of these educative conversations.

Icelandic Conversation

ComicBook-App (43)ComicBook-App (41)

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